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5 Trends That Fashion Trends Early Adopters Will Be Wearing Now in 2020

Recently, during the Paris fashion week, a fashion brand called Balenciaga presented their apocalyptic fashion collection with flooded ramps and audio-video visuals that nearly felt like the end of the world.

But, as the new fashion trends try to imitate some old fashioned styling trends, they are actually reinventing fashion by the same trends that were actually adopted by early fashionistas.

The total revenue in the fashion industry in the current market to $718,027 million in 2020. The compound annual growth rate for the industry for the forecast period of 2020-2024 is expected to be 8.4%.

The market volume for the same forecast period will be $991,645 million. The most popular segment in the fashion industry is of apparels amounting to the market volume of $460,255 million in 2020.

As the apparels in the Fashion Industry, are the key driving factor for revenue, let’s discover some amazing fashion trends that fashion’s early adopters will be wearing now.

  • Tier Ruffled Skirts:

Taking you to the middle ages era of beauty, elegance and panache, are these amazing Tier ruffled skirts. This season of spring collections presented by several fashion houses like Chanel, Roksanda, Dior, and Oscar De la Ranta saw beautiful twist to the Tier ruffled skirts with additional stylings like black ties, bra tops, and elegant shoes.

  • Loafers with Heel:

Casual loafers or some formals fused with those kinky heels, fashion houses came up with some excellent styling in this spring season. The spring collection fashion shows were full of heeled loafers that looked both formal at the same time glamourous. Though it kind of gives that royal feeling of the luxurious victorian era, it certainly has its following in the modern fashion enthusiasts.

The Whites:

White has always been considered blank slate for designers and fashion lovers, but, most importantly it makes women more sensuous than ever. Think of delicate Guipure, Chantilly and marguerite laces paired with Japanese satin. Drape them trimmed with macramé, organdie bows, and delicate flowers to make an ethereal statement.

  • Wallpaper Styles:

How about draping some wallpapers around and still be stylish? The ’60s and 70’s fashion adopters wouldn’t mind a revisit to the era of floral wallpapers. So, is the current trend of wallpaper style dresses in spring collection 2020. Some retro prints with variety of colors and patterns that makes you revisit the vintage couch prints fused with modern-day high-end suits make it an elegant choice for your fashion statement.

  • Exotic Trends:

There is a new trend to expose the erogenous zones of the body with elegantly designed dresses. An exposed mid-section or a triangle shaped cutout below the sternum, fashion houses like Oscar de la Renta, Emporio Armani and Missoni can all oblige are now experimenting with such exotic trends. This spring season showed some great cut-out dresses exposing the exotic trends with mixed reviews. Yet, there is something about the trend that excites these big fashion houses.


The modern fashion trends are mostly inspired by the early adopters of fashion. And as you discover more of fashion trends in the ongoing spring collection fashion weeks, you will experience the reinvention of old-world fashion trends fused with new age trendy dresses to make it more elegant and add some panache to the exquisite fashion trend.

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