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Digital Marketing Trends 2020: Why do you need them for your business?

What is an essential thing in any business? Its revenues right! Revenues come from sales, sales from leads and leads? Where do they come from? Well, the workflow of business comes to one single bottom line- “Marketing”. And in this digital age, digital marketing is the need of the hour.

Digital marketing is a pool of marketing strategies and trends that utilizes digital tools like smartphone apps, web, Social Media, and many other such platforms. So, letting your business loose the exposure that one can get through digital marketing is a fatal mistake. So, what are the digital marketing trends in 2020 that can help your business grow?

Paid Marketing:

Paid marketing may not seem to be a new trend, but it will undoubtedly be the most talked-about digital marketing trend in 2020. Today, every other digital platform offers paid marketing services, and businesses can leverage this.

PPC or Pay-Per-Click marketing is the most widely used digital marketing strategy. When 65% of clicks by users are made to purchase a paid item on the search engines, PPC strategies are set to attract more marketers in 2020.

Organic Marketing:

Organic marketing is the creation of natural leads. The term “organic” itself has been pivotal in deciding traffic and generating great leads for businesses. If you look at the SEO(Search Engine Optimizations) strategies, they are already integrating a great deal of organic content for better rankings.

Organic marketing is utilizing your organic content for better conversion. With 70-80% of users only focusing on the organic results for their search queries, organic marketing is set to be the most sought after digital marketing trend in 2020.

Mobile Marketing:

Digital marketing without mobile marketing is like a body without a soul. To support this argument, consider the number of smartphone users around the world, which were over 3.2 billion last year or almost 45% of the global population.

Mobile marketing has been the pinnacle of digital marketing for a few years now. The prime focus in mobile marketing will remain on mobile app development, as  80% mobile minutes are spent on mobile apps. With the integration of Artificial Intelligence and other innovative technologies into mobile apps, mobile marketing will provide wider exposure for marketers.

Social Media Marketing:

With 3.2 billion active social media users active on the social networking platforms, it is undoubtedly a digital marketing trend to vouch for in 2020. It has a myriad of marketing opportunities to explore for better lead generation and higher conversion rates.

Social Media marketing explores different forms of marketing like influencer marketing, live-post marketing, video marketing, and other such forms.

Voice Marketing:

Smart speakers have seen a huge jump in sales and more than 200 million smart speakers are set to be installed by 2020. This makes intelligent speakers the most prolific medium for digital marketing. E-commerce businesses have already started to make the most of voice marketing, creating a new paradigm called “Voice Commerce.”

So, it is safe to say that voice marketing will be a hot trend among other digital marketing trends in 2020.


Digital Marketing produces more ROI than any other marketing strategy. With new technologies changing the digital barriers, businesses need to capitalize on this evolution in marketing and achieve higher conversion. Here, there are specific digital marketing trends that will shape up the future of marketing in 2020.

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