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Top 5 SEO trends in 2020 for your website rankings to go sky-high

There are more than 3.5 billion searches per day and 40,000 searches per second on an average on Google’s search engine, which is considered one of the most popular search engines on the planet. 

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is about optimizing your website for ranking higher on the search results that are provided by Google. SEO Trends that will determine the ranking factors are quintessential for websites and businesses trying to attract higher traffic.

There are 1,752,553,435 websites currently live on the internet. Imagine the kind of competition your website will have to face for that ranking on the SERPs(Search Engine Result Pages). Here, we have discussed the top 5 SEO trends 2020, that can help you beat your competition and rank higher.

SEO Pagination:

Probably an underrated phenomenon, SEO pagination will undoubtedly rule the SEO trends in 2020. It has rightfully earned its place as the first trend in the top 5 SEO trends 2020 as it has a long story of love and hates with Google. 

Pagination refers to a method of content distribution into a paginated series. In simple words, when a page on the website ends and you have to click on the next button below the page its paginated.

To optimize pagination for your website, you need to use rel=“next” and rel=“prev” with a href attributes as an indexing signal. However, Google insisted on discarding this technique, it is still a useful tool, and with a proper canonical sign, you can optimize pagination for SEO.

Technical SEO

Knowing the right search intent and optimizing your code for the same can certainly be a trend among the top 5 SEO trends in 2020. Technical SEO is all about identifying the need for optimization of technical aspects of your website, among which identifying the search intent and changing the code is one. 

Over the years, there has been much traction towards excellent UI/UX designs for websites, and with Technical SEO, the focus is entirely on UI/UX design for better SEO.

Google EAT:

For any website to rank higher, quality of the content matters, and Google has already made it clear about the type of content with EAT(Expertise Authorativeness Trustworthiness) updates. Though EAT updates are mostly for YMYL pages(Your Money Your Life), it is still relevant to your SEO.

For, E-commerce businesses, the need to EAT SEO are more significant as they fall into the YMYL category. The focus here is to optimize the main content of your website, keeping in a proportion of secondary material and the advertisements.


In 2018, Google made this easy with an update called BERT(Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers)- An AI algorithm that helps Google understand the search queries better. This will help businesses train Artificial Intelligence based algorithms to work as a question and answering machine.

Though BERT SEO is all about knowing the right keyword that can affect the search querries identified by BERT’s algorithm, other than that, there is not much SEO thing to do.

Mobile-First SEO:

Optimizing your content for mobile-first strategy has been gaining traction, and this is undoubtedly a trend that can help your rankings. With smartphone users growing in numbers, a mobile-first approach for your content that can be presented in a responsive UI(User Interface). 


Whether you want to increase the traffic on your website or rank higher on the SERPs, SEO is your only option, and these SEO trends can help you achieve that. So, if you are looking to market your products better with good traffic and higher visibility, go for these 5 SEO trends in 2020.

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