Designing Your Dream Space: Tips For First-Time Home Owners

Planning to finally seal the deal on the house for sale in Welland or have you already signed on the dotted line and made the property yours? If yes, congratulations, you have finally embarked on this glorious homeownership journey. You can now bid goodbye to the days of cramped rental living.

When people rent properties, they often face restrictions while decorating and personalising the space. Landlords usually have many rules that prohibit tenants from painting and putting nails into walls. However, with your own home, there would be no such rules. You can renovate and decorate your home exactly as you want, you get to make all the design decisions.

You may already have started thinking about how you will decorate your new home and where you will place the furniture. However, designing your first home may be more overwhelming and difficult than you can imagine. In this guide, we have listed some design tips that will help you decorate your new home like a pro.

Elevate The Look Of Your First Home – Tips And Ideas To Decorate Your Property On A Budget

  • Set A Budget And Stick To It

We can understand that, it is easy for a first-time homebuyer to get carried away while designing and decorating its dream space. After all, you must have been harbouring this dream of owning a home for ages. And now that you are all set to step foot into your perfect haven, you want it to look the best in the neighbourhood.

Before you realise it, you will be ordering every furniture and decor item you see on the Internet for your new home. But are you sure you can afford to spend such a hefty amount of money on decoration when you have just purchased the home? Even if you can afford it, it is not wise to spend money just like that now that you have a load of mortgage payments and home insurance fees.

This is why, set a specific budget about how much you can spend on designing your new home. Once the budget is set, make a list of the changes and decorations that you truly need to make now. The First Time Home Buyer Incentive Program helps first-time homebuyers shoulder the weight of renovations and decorations to a great extent.

  • Take Inspirations

Maybe you already have a vision of how you want your dream home to look and feel. But if not, there are a multitude of online and offline sources that can fuel your creativity. Pinterest and Facebook can provide you with numerous ideas on how to decorate and redesign your home.

As you get ideas that entice your attention, create mood boards to capture the design essence of your new home. Use relatable colours and textures with the design ideas that resonate with your vision. Remember that design inspiration can also be found in nature and travel. Try to recall images and decoration ideas from your past vacations and infuse those designs in your new home with a sense of authenticity.

  • Testing Before Implementing

Don’t take abrupt decisions while designing and decorating your first home if you don’t want to end up regretting later on. If things remain well, you will be staying in this house for years. The design choices you make now will impact the look and appeal of your property for a longer period.

So, always do a trial run before painting the entire house with a particular colour or drilling a big hole in the middle of your living room wall. For deciding between paint colours, make swatches on every wall of the property. See how each colour looks when affected by the light in that room.

And when it comes to paintings and furniture, use a tape measure to figure out in which space will you place the items and how will they look there. You may never know if a sofa you saw online will be too big or too small for your living room. So, get a better representation of the room layout and check the size of the furniture before buying it.

  • Good Lighting Is A Must

Lighting can make or break the vibe and aesthetic appeal of your new property. Good, aesthetic lighting can instantly brighten up a dull room and make it look more inviting and comfortable. So, while decorating your new house, pay close attention to how you install lighting in each room.

Your bedroom and porch can have dim and relaxed lighting. But make sure to install bright lights in the living room, kitchen, and outdoors. The lighting should be able to accentuate the best features of your property whilst also enhancing its safety and security. Make sure there are enough windows and ventilation in each room to seamlessly let in natural light during the day.

  • Stick To A Consistent Style And Theme

No, we are not asking you to copy and paste a particular style and theme on all the rooms of your house. But imagine how it would feel if you painted your bedroom wall black and white in a monochromatic style and then painted the next-door living room in red and yellow? Your friends and neighbours will ridicule you to tears over this design choice in your new home.

So, maintain the aesthetics in your home by keeping the entire style and design connected. Don’t experiment with a weird blend of style themes in your new home.

  • Say Goodbye To Old, Hoarding Habits

A new home calls for a fresh chance to start over. This is your “it” opportunity to throw out the futile things that you have been holding on to for too long – that antique vase handed over by your grandmother that gives off spooky vibes or that souvenir gifted by your ex-boyfriend. Think of your new home as a clean slate and keep only those furniture and decor items that truly matter to you.

But don’t just go about throwing every old thing, especially the ones that you can repurpose in your new home. Bring your old decor from your previous place of living that still has the spark and try to incorporate it in your new place. Select the items that can go with the style of your new home and mix and match them with new decorative items.

  • Invoke In Greenery Vibes

There is something so calm and serene about having greenery in your home. Best of all, house plants are a clever way to decorate your new space on a budget. Plants let you amp up the look and feel of your property without wasting money on any extravagant decorations.

With houseplants, you can fill up bare spots and problem areas in your new property without any hassle. To add height and green to a bare corner of the living room, install a potted dracaena or a fiddle-leaf fig. And to make an empty bookshelf look lively and vibrant, try adding a philodendron vine to trail down over the shelf.

  • Let The Room Breathe A Bit

Don’t let your enthusiasm and creativity overflow and end up over-decorating your new home. Remember, cluttered spaces may make your property look smaller and messier. And we are sure small and messy isn’t the vibe you are going for in your new home.

So, be careful about the amount of furniture and decor items you add to each room of your house. Rather than choosing tons of cheap design pieces, pick a few high-quality items that rightly enhance the curb appeal of the room.


Before you proceed ahead to furnish and redecorate your new home, prepare a budget. A rule of thumb is to keep aside 10 to 50% of the sale price of the home for sale in Welland property for designing purposes. Mix and match old decor pieces with newly bought items to ensure you are not stretching the dollar while designing your dream space. Get second-hand design items from thrift stores and embrace a plant-friendly decorating scheme to glam up your home on a budget. By following these tips and ideas, we are sure you can create a gorgeous new home by keeping a lid on expenses.

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