5 Best Tactics To Get 1st Ranking On Google You Can’t Miss

As we all know, the sole idea behind Search Engine Optimization is to get better search ranking for your websites. But attaining a higher ranking is easier said than done. There are a ton of technicalities involved in the process. That being said, SEO can be broadly divided into two categories, on-page SEO and off-page SEO. On-page SEO is associated with the practices that are used to optimize individual web pages. On the other hand, off-page SEO goes beyond your website. These include link building and everything else.

Down below is a list of some of the best practices that you can do to make sure that you can achieve 1st ranking on Google:

1) Incorporate Target Keyword for Your Title

This is, by far, one of the most common mistakes that businesses do. By using the right keyword for your title, you can always channel a considerable amount of traffic to your website. Your title defines the entire context of the content, so always use one that is rich with keywords. If you seek for proper evaluation, you can always search for the same keyword on Google and see how your competitors are using them.

2) Use Keyword at the 1st Paragraph

There are several ways in which you can understand the content. Either way, you need to start putting keywords for the very first line of your content, if possible. You can also incorporate the practice of putting keywords in the first 100 words. As you would know, this is one of the biggest mistakes that the majority of bloggers tend to make. They would go for the brief introduction without placing any single keyword.

3) Use Catchy Meta Descriptions

Even before looking into your content, your viewer is going to read the meta description from the search engine. So, try to make it as relevant and catchy as possible. Your meta should be curated in such a way that the reader is bound to click on the link in order to know more. But, remember, it is only constrained to 150 words, so make it attractive and informative within the same limit.

4) Building Quality Backlinks

Building links is by far the most challenging and important tactic for SEO. Without creating high-quality backlinks, there is no way you can attain 1st ranking on Google. The idea is pretty simple; your website needs to acquire the most relevant backlinks to get a better ranking than the rest.

5) Social Media

You would be surprised to know your social media presence can significantly affect your Google ranking. Although your ranking is not directly affected, social media can increase your traffic and website popularity.

Final Takeaway

It is imperative to understand the importance of webpages for your business. Your search ranking reflects whether you are reaching the right audience or not. So, make sure to go through the steps carefully and audit your website according to that. If you feel like missing something, try to make subtle changes and evaluate the result.

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