Sports insurance for bobsleigh

Bobsleigh incl. The skeleton is a unique, exciting, and quite dangerous Olympic sport, training, and competition of which have a rather high risk of accidents. That is why sports insurance for bobsleigh or skeleton is the most important component of financial security.

Who needs bobsleigh insurance

In professional sports, there is always the possibility of injury. Daily training and competition expose the athlete’s body to stress, as a result of which any careless movement can lead to occupational injury.Bobsledders mainly face sprains, muscle and ligament tears, dislocations, fractures, and craniocerebral trauma.

The main causes of injuries are recognized by doctors as violations of the regime, safety rules, and discipline. But even their observance does not give a full guarantee to the athlete that there are no occupational diseases and injuries.


In this regard, coaches and mentors require the purchase of insurance for bobsleigh or skeleton. The policy will allow you to receive financial compensation commensurate with the degree of injury. The victim will have the opportunity to pay off all or part of the treatment and rehabilitation and receive assistance during the period of disability.


What is covered by insurance for bobsleigh?


Bobsleigh insurance covers all accidents incurred during competitions, training, or training camps during the entire period of the policy.


Our service offers to purchase insurance with coverage “Worldwide” for athletes of any age category. For bobsledders under the age of 18, our service has developed a package with round-the-clock insurance coverage.


Kai injuries are covered by insurance for bobsleigh, skeleton:


  • Any injuries with NA (accident);
  • Temporary or complete disability due to NS or illness;
  • Disability caused by NS or illness;
  • Transportation to the clinic in case of illness or NS;
  • Surgery due to NA or illness;
  • The onset of a critical illness;
  • Burns as a result of NA;
  • Death due to illness or NS.


All these risks involve obtaining insurance compensation. The amount of the material payment is calculated in accordance with the table, you can find it here.

Types of insurance for bobsledding


In our service, both beginner skeletons and professionals can arrange insurance.


Sport insure offers four types of insurance for bobsleigh or skeleton – these are:


  • Insurance for a specific competition;
  • The policy covered for 365 days;
  • Insurance for children with round-the-clock insurance coverage;
  • Insurance for competitions abroad.


Any type of insurance is covered in any of these countries.


When insuring children, you can choose a policy with coverage 24/7. Children’s insurance (24/7 coverage) covers not only injuries sustained in training or competition, but also in everyday life.

Only for the period of training, competitions, you can issue standard insurance from the National Assembly, or a TCD policy marked “Active rest”, its validity is limited to the period of stay in the country.


Must be done when an insured event occurs


In the event of an accident, the insured person is obliged to immediately seek medical help. After being discharged from the hospital, you need to get a certificate-extract of the sample established by the insurance company, prepare other documents proving the event of an accident and contact the insurer.

The minimum package of documents must be submitted to the insurance company – an insurance contract, an identity card of the insured, an application, and a certificate confirming the fact of the National Assembly.


The list of required documents, as well as the entire algorithm of steps, is published on the Insured event page.


How insurance payments are calculated


Bobsleigh insurance payments are calculated based on the severity of the injury, the treatment chosen, and the insurance package. In the event of a disability, as well as in a state of complete permanent incapacity, as in the death of an athlete, the payment will be 100% of the insurance amount.


Upon receipt of temporary disability, as well as the risk of hospitalization, the insurance payment is made for each day of treatment and is calculated as a percentage of the coverage amount.

For other risks, the amount of compensation is calculated in accordance with the table of insurance payments.


Electronic policy – online bobsleigh insurance


In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, insurance for bobsleigh or skeleton in electronic form is an official and fully legal document that gives the insured person the right to reimbursement of insurance compensation under the contract.

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