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The best apps for your business in 2020

One of the most revolutionizing inventions made by humanity was smartphones. With the rising popularity of smartphones, laptops and other similar electronic devices in modern times, various new apps compatible with multiple operating systems and platforms are also being developed and designed for increased convenience in various fields of life. These apps are not restricted to any specific sector, but different apps have different functionalities and applications in a variety of fields and industries. 

Apps have been transforming the entire business industry in today’s time. They have been bringing in new dimensions of business operations and changing the whole scenario of the business industry and various types of businesses through improved functionalities, convenient solutions in regards to business strategies and services. Data storage, accessibility and improved and streamlined operations have been effectively facilitated by these advanced apps operating on various platforms.

Ranging from startups to large MNCs all across the globe, every kind of business in various industries has become increasingly reliant on business apps for several operational advantages they provide. After analyzing user data, reviews and statistics, the best apps for businesses in 2020 have been shortlisted. Let’s take a look at the best apps for businesses in 2020, available all across the world. 

  • The most popular and widely used apps 

When it is about business apps and choosing the ones that are most used and most popular, Microsoft Office 365 and Salesforce top the list. Amazon Web Services and G Suite follow them on the list of the most used apps for businesses. 

When it comes to ranking business apps based on their monthly active users, Office 365 still retains the top spot, while WorkDay, ServiceNow, G-Suite and Salesforce follow from the subsequent positions on the list, according to statistics published by cloud identity company Okta in its annual Business Work Report. Microsoft’s Office 365 is although the top contender on the file with almost twice as many users as Google’s G-suite. G-suite’s growth index, although it stands higher than that of Office 365. G-Suite had a fifty percent increase in active users, while Office 365’s growth in active users stands at 38 percent. 

Slack and Zoom are two other most popular apps on the list. Zoom had a growth rate of 76 percent in the last year, showing how useful these apps are, which is the reason for their popularity. 

Here are some of the other specialized apps which are on the list of the most popular business apps in 2020 : 

Online learning: Grammarly, PluralSight, and LinkedIn Learning

HR apps: Workday, BambooHR, UltiPro

Video conference apps: Webex, Cisco, Zoom

Developer apps: GitHub, PagerDuty, Atlassian Product Suite 

  • The fastest-growing apps

In this category, the app that tops the list is Snowflake, with a growth rate of 273 percent in the previous year. It is a cloud data platform used for integrated data engineering, encrypted data exchange, app development and several more functions. 

Opsgenie, Google Cloud, and Splunk follow SNowflake on the list with over 100 percent growth rate for each. Other apps on the list are KnowBe4, Looker, Envoy and Freshservice. 

  • Security tools

Businesses have been giving immense priority to security, leading to the popularity of security and data tools. Increased use of data by firms leads to increased demand for security for personal, network, device and business infrastructure protection. 

KnowBe4, a cybersecurity app, is one of the top security tools for businesses. 

With small businesses becoming more reliant on cloud-based platforms, improved data and network security are in demand. Security tools have, therefore, been very popular. While apps like Office 365 and G-Suite and Snowflake are widely used, businesses are also opting for top security tools for enhanced protection. The above list has the top apps for enhanced business operations and convenient functioning in 2020. 

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