Top 7 trends in the travel industry that is reshaping the sector 

With increased access to the Internet and an increase in climate and social awareness amongst people, the trends and styles in the travel industry have also transformed in recent years. Along with that, technological advancements in the field of travel have also bought new trends in the sector. There has been a significant rise in the number of travel enthusiasts, travel bloggers and digital nomads all across the world, with the travel industry gaining even more popularity in recent years. People have discovered new destinations and tourist hotspots all around the globe, and their passion for traveling has also increased significantly. 

From Venice to Santorini, or Kashmir or Maldives, travellers nowadays have increased access to information about various places. The tourism and travel industry has significantly grown with the rise in interested travellers from all across the world. Inexpensive flight tickets, great hotel booking facilities available online, easy access to information on the Internet, various reliable and affordable travel agencies have made travelling a seamless and even more comfortable activity in today’s time. 

With all these transformations and new inclusions, there have been new emerging trends in the travel industry. Let’s take a look at the top 7 trends in the travel industry that have been transforming the entire sector in significant ways. 

  1. Solo Travelling 

Not something completely new or recently popular, but solo travelling has recently become a trend and gained immense popularity due to increased accessibility in modern times. With modern travel apps that have a travellers’ community with members from all across the world, new cities can be explored easily. New information about the ways to travel to a place, its colloquialisms can be easily accessed. 

  1. The political effect on tourism 

Politics has a significant impact on tourism in recent years. Starting from events like Brexit to the US travel ban, the travelling sector has been dramatically affected by such impositions and political events. There has been a drop of 5% in the UK’s tourism, while Hong Kong’s tourism dropped by 39% due to the protests in Hong Kong. 

  1. Sustainability

People have become aware of the likes of people like Greta Thunberg, enlightening people about the severe consequences of climate change increasingly. Environmental factors and sustainability have been a deciding factor for several tourists while planning a trip. Carbon footprint and CO2 emissions are being given importance when flight travel or road travel is discussed. 

  1. Exploring lesser-known places

With the increase in Internet usage, people have more information about various less accessible places and “second cities” that they can travel to. This has made several such sites a popular destination for travel and tourism, earning them tourist hotspots. It prevents over-tourism and is an ideal respite for people seeking some quiet time. Over 54% of global travellers want to reduce over-tourism, according to statistics making the lesser-known cities more popular as travel destinations.  

  1. Transformative travel 

Transformative tourism is about helping oneself and others while traveling. A majority of global travelers want to be included in cultural exchanges to learn new skills, and a large number of them are volunteering for such travel programs organized by several travel agencies. 

  1. Smart Destinations of Travel 

With the 5G network being introduced in 2020, it will significantly influence the tourism industry through enhanced visitor experience for travelers. Managing tourism data, personalization of trips through data can be achievable. 

  1. Bleisure Travel 

Remote workers and digital nomads have increased significantly in recent times. A type of travel that blends business and relaxation with several remote workers and digital nomads currently in the market. Technological advancements have made this even more possible, and several companies are welcoming such ideas. 

With these modern travel trends in 2020, the entire sector of travel and tourism is sure to transform and get reshaped shortly. We will wait to witness the new travel industry!

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