Trends in photography to watch out for in 2020

Photography is an art. To be precise, photography is not just an art but a blend or artistic capabilities, technology, creativity and imaginative applications to create amazing memories of the time. With the ever-transitioning technological industry, the sector of photography has also significantly transformed and evolved in recent years. Several new techniques, devices and cutting-edge features have been introduced in the arena of photography. This has dramatically changed the styles of photography in today’s time. 

With the transformation in styles of photography and more and more imaginative and creative ideas being implemented in photographs, the demands of clients and customers using photography services have also changed. Photography is used extensively for various purposes and a variety of fields. Photography has become a diverse industry with several new trends upcoming every year. Knowing about these trends in photography is essential. Especially if you are in the profession of photography or something associated with the industry, the latest trends of photography in the market is an important topic to know about. 

Let’s take a look at the modern trends of photography in 2020. These trends are incredibly useful and have a varied range of applications in fields like wedding shots, stock images, product photography, or portrait photography, and several other areas of photography. 

Fine Art Wedding Photography

Conventional wedding photography has been rendered outdated with the advent of various new trends and styles of wedding photography in recent times. Fine Art Wedding Photography is one of the most popular types of wedding photography in 2020. These photographs enhance the aesthetics of the pictures, creating a sublime combination of blissful magic and colourful tints. This category has no set standards and depends upon the discretion, skills and imaginative capabilities of the photographer. This type of wedding photography is preferred for its soulfulness and uniqueness. 

Sharper crop in Portrait Photography

Sharper crops are used for an enhanced view of the subject, establishing an emotional connection between the subject and the viewer. In modern times, pictures are being further cropped to focus right on the face of the items, trimming even their heads. 

Vertical Photography 

This is another popular photography trend that has an unusual orientation. The rise in phone photography and the preference of social media towards such orientation has made this type of photography popular all across the world. With mobile photography gaining popularity with improved phone cameras, DSLRs might altogether be rendered obsolete in the new future. 

360 Degree Photography

Technology has made a lot of things possible in recent years. With advanced technology and editing facilities, 360 Degree Photography has gained immense popularity where photographers capture a particular object and create a 360 Degree angle view on it through appropriate distortion and combination. Full capture of the surroundings in a whole 360-degree angle is the prime feature of this trend. 

Film Photography 

Although not an entirely new style of photography, this has been a trend and a popular style in 2020 as it enables capturing the realistic, antique and warm colors in its purest forms. Some film photographers prefer the entire process of the making of such photographs over creating a digital copy of pictures. 

Minimalistic Photography

Sticking to the mantra of “less is more” minimalistic photography trend puts in only one or a maximum of two objects in a single frame. It highlights the simplistic nature of objects placed against a plain background. 

The photography industry is ever-transforming, and we are still to witness several new creative ideas and trends in the field, with several talented and artistic professionals working and researching in the area. The future of photography is to be shaped by the advent of advanced phone cameras, and the changes it brings will be a joy to witness. 

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